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Working with our Agency

We take the complicated and make it simple.


Planning a vacation can be stressful, time consuming and downright frustrating. It shouldn't be that way.  Our team at Genie Travel has helped individuals, couples and families navigate thousands of vacation choices and create amazing experiences suited to their unique travel style.

Working closely with you, our team will ensure every detail is completed, from airlines to accommodations, excursions to insurance and everything in between.

Our planning fee encompasses our initial consultation and the entire booking process ensuring an unforgettable experience.

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Our Clients


Singles, friends, co-workers. Traveling by yourself or with someone else, we can help.


Honeymoons, romantic getaways or just a fun little trip with that special some-one.  We're here for you.


We love to help families of all shapes, sizes and configurations. 


Family groups, destination weddings, reunions, corporate incentives. We take the stress out and let you just enjoy.

Step 1 - Consultation

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Time for us to find out what you are looking for in a vacation.  And also, for you to feel comfortable with us.  We want to know what your expectations are and especially any special requirements or must see or do items on your list. Our consultations are free and are a great place to start creating your vacation vision.

Items that we normally discuss during our consultation:

  • Number and ages of travelers

  • Dates and length of trip

  • Destination (if you don't know, we'll help you narrow it down)

  • Type of trip such as independent, guided or fully escorted

  • Previous travel experiences (good and bad)

  • Types of accommodations

  • Expectations on monetary spending

  • Special requests or celebrations

  • Any other items important to this specific trip

  • Our fees and the process moving forward


Step 2 - Design and Proposals

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This is where we get to work to design and layout the vision that we created together in our consultation call.  Using our knowledge and experience we will research all of the best options based on our conversation. Then we will provide you with choices based on your requirements and within the parameters of the monetary guidelines that you provided.  At this point we can change, adjust, tweak or just plain start over until we get your approval.  

What we concentrate on in this step:

  • Flights

  • Hotels

  • Cruises

  • Transfers

  • Excursions 

  • Pricing

Step 3 - Booking

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At this point everything has been agreed to and we will make all of the bookings. So, now you only have to worry about shopping for that new wardrobe or dreaming about the experiences that you will have.  We'll take care of all the details.

What we handle:​

  • Flight bookings along with loyalty numbers, TSA or Global Entry Pre-Check and seat assignments where possible.

  • Hotel reservations along with loyalty numbers and special requests

  • Cruise bookings along with loyalty numbers, special discounts, cross-referencing with traveling companions, online check-ins, shore excursions, etc.

  • Transfers wherever needed

  • Car Rentals if needed along with special equipment requests.

  • Booking excursions, special experiences, etc. 

  • Putting together documents and anything else that might be helpful for your trip.

Step 4 - Travel


We could give you a traditional packing list, but we've found these items will provide the best experience:

  • Patience 

  • Tolerance

  • Friendliness

  • Wonder

  • Sense of Humor

Image by Link Hoang

And you're off.  This is the best part, living the experience, creating the memories and capturing it on your camera.  We're here if you run into any snags and of course we want to hear all about your fabulous adventures when you return. 

To see our fee schedule, click here.

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