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Professional Fees

Professional travel advisors like the ones at our agency helped millions of travelers around the world at the start of the pandemic. Our agency and others like us helped travelers get home, changed countless reservations and made sure our clients received the refunds they were entitled to.


The majority of this work was done without compensation since travelers need to complete their trips before we get paid by our vendors. Despite this, we were very pleased that our clients had us to advocate for them and we look forward to helping our clients with their travel experiences now and in the future. 


Booking travel, especially now requires more time and is more complex than ever before. The constant changes can stress out even the most savvy traveler.  We are here to provide you with our advice, expertise and knowledge to make this as stress free as possible. In order to ensure that you receive the same incredible level of pre-departure and in-destination support from our team that you have come to expect, we have implemented some new professional fees.


You can dream and plan your next vacation with us full of confidence. We will work with you to make sure you have as much flexibility as possible and of course will advise you of any and all safety and health protocols. 

Learn about our fees below and start thinking about your next vacation.  We're here to turn it from a thought to a boarding pass!

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Concierge Level - $200 per cabin

Includes:  Making reservations for flights, pre and post hotels, transfers, helping with shore excursions, adding additional items, printed documents, etc.

Basic Level - No fee, but any additional requests will be at our Ala Carte pricing. Emailed documents.


Depending on the scope and complexity of the group, your agent will determine what fees will be assessed.

Customized Independent Travel

For those trips that require us to build complex itineraries and book flights, hotels (multiple cities), cars, train reservations, ferries, excursions, etc., our fee will start at $150 and will increase based on the complexity and scope of work requested.

Airline tickets (not in a package)

Domestic Flights - $40.00 per person

International Flights - $60.00 per person

Depending on the complexity of the itinerary this fee may be increased.

Changes are charged the same amount as the original ticket.


Fees for packages start at $100 per household and may increase due to the complexity and scope of the work requested.

Client Initiated Changes

After reservations are under deposit or final payment has been made and changes are requested, there will be at least a $100 fee charged whether or not those changes are made. This is in addition to any additional fees charged by the hotels, airlines or cruise lines.

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